Sony’s PlayStation Vue reaches 120K subs, Bloomberg says

July 6, 2016

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Optimize your linear TV live in real time

May 25, 2016

ClarityTV™ analytics provide real time data on the performance of your TV schedule. With this CTV proprietary platform, your spots air within a specified window of time and the impact of each spot is tracked to your website activity. The dashboard shows minute by minute activity and gives granular data on what time of day, what network,

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Watching ‘Skinny’ Bundles Get Lively

May 10, 2016

From : MultiChannel NEW YORK — Hulu is the latest media company to reveal plans to offer a “skinny bundle” of live cable and broadcast network feeds to stream over the Internet. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced the proposed streaming service last week by emphasizing that subscribers to the package will be able to enjoy

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VAB Offers Fair Way to Compare TV and Digital

April 27, 2016

    Comparing traditional TV with digital has long been tricky. While data about digital seems more direct and accurate, measurements like unique users and minutes viewed are like oranges compared to TV’s audience of apples.   While measurement companies Nielsen and comScore compete to construct a cross-platform ratings regime that works, the Video Advertising

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TV is Powerful

April 13, 2016

  INDEPENDENT STUDY CONFIRMS THAT DECREASED TV ADVERTISING SPEND HURTS SALES An independent study was conducted to address the short-term effects of reducing TV spend on brand sales.  The driving force behind the study was the decrease in sales that resulted when budgets are reallocated and brands spend less on Television advertising.   Key Findings:

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Study: Twitter Response Leads to TV Ad Recall

March 23, 2016

Commercials are more likely to be recalled when they appear in TV shows that provoke an emotional response, according to a new study. The study looked at viewers’ reactions to shows on Twitter and when their tweets contained emotional responses to a show, as measured by research company Canvs, those viewers were 48% more likely

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