Inside the Hidden Costs of Programmatic

September 14, 2015

Everyone Thought Automation Would Save Money, but Does It Really? The new world ad tech summons images of tireless computers scouring for the customers that marketers need, using automated markets to snag them at the lowest rates and never larding the bill to cover an old-media sales-rep expense account. And yes, ad tech does offer

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Is Your Ad Being Seen?: A Primer On Viewable Impressions, Bot Traffic and Ad Blocking

September 1, 2015

One of the biggest questions currently on advertiser’s minds is “is my online ad actually being seen?”.  Over the past several years, the online industry has been plagued with three main advertiser issues: Ad Viewability, Ad Fraud and Ad Blocking.  This primer provides an in-depth look at each issue. Some key take-aways are: Overall Display

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Comcast Buys Visible World, Expands Addressable TV Advertising

June 5, 2015

  The largest U.S. cable operator, Comcast Corp., continues to acquired advanced advertising technology companies — now with the purchase of Visible World.Visible World has been one of the bigger platforms and proponents of addressable TV advertising. The technology-based company has worked with more than 300 advertisers, reaching approximately 80% of U.S. cable homes with

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Gauging Our Engagement: What The Season’s Top Ten Nielsen-Twitter TV Ratings Tell Advertisers And Us

In the brave new world of social TV (a.k.a. the offspring of social media and TV) all engagement is considered good engagement. Whereas the iconic hit, Cheers, was a show centered at a bar where ‘everybody knows your name,’ now we gather in virtual bars or living rooms, where everybody knows your twitter handle. To

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Programmatic TV Budgets To Rise From 4% To 17% By 2019

  The programmatic marketplace continues to expand and mature, according to a new programmatic advertising report from IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global. As initially reported by Advertising Age, Magna predicts that programmatic TV — which includes both audience-buying and household addressable — will represent 4% of TV budgets in 2015 before climbing to 17% by 2019.

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