Broadcast Dips, Cable Rises In Q1

May 13, 2015

  TV networks may be feeling a little better about national TV advertising in this first quarter — but that’s mostly because it isn’t up against any Winter Olympics programming. AMC Networks had the best cable network results during the first three months of the year — up 17% to $243 million. National TV advertising only

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Ay caramba! ‘Simpsons’ gets renewed.

May 5, 2015

  From MediaLife Magazine At this rate, Bart Simpson may be middle-aged by the time “The Simpsons” ends its run. Fox has renewed the long-running animated program for two more seasons, bringing “Simpsons” to a record 28th year. It’s already the longest-running scripted series in broadcast history, long since surpassing “Gunsmoke” and “Law & Order,”

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Study: Viewers Engage More With TV Ads Than Video Ads

Posted from MediaPost A new biometric survey shows that traditional TV commercials are four times more engaging than video advertising on Facebook. Boston-based Innerscope Research used biometric monitoring, eye-tracking and traditional survey methods to measure the nonconscious and conscious reactions of 390 consumers ages 18 to 34. Participants were exposed to the same video advertisements

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It’s Not a Video Revolution — It’s a TV Evolution

Originally posted by AdAge The more ways in which people can engage with TV content, the more time and attention they pay to it. Networks have kept pace with technological changes, extending programming across digital formats to let viewers watch wherever, however and whenever they want. And, increasingly, they’re choosing to do that on smartphones

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As Seen On TV: A Direct Response To What Drives DR

    Television Represents A Proven Path To Success Within The Direct Response Category In a fast-moving category predicated on the direct selling of high volume products, TV advertising is consistently the main driver of brand success through its ability to deliver mass reach and scale quickly. Perfected by the iconic DR products of the early

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Time-Shifted TV Viewing Dips For Millennials, Teens

From Traditional TV time-shifted viewing is finally seeing some declines among younger TV viewers.Nielsen says DVR/time-shifted viewing time is now dropping for viewers 18 to 34 and 12- to-17-year-old viewers for the five-month period from October 2014 through February 2015 versus the same period a year ago. TV viewers 18-34 are now time-shifting —

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