Media Terms and the Confusion They Create



The landscape of planning and buying media is filled with many new buzz words. TV and digital is converging with the ability to provide content across multiple screens. This can be executed with a programmatic or addressable focus.  The complexity of comprehending these terms and how they are actually applied in the media mix can vary from vendor to vendor and platform to platform.  Take programmatic for example.  When we talk with TV vendors it can be translated anywhere between the application of opportunistic unsold inventory also known as remnant inventory at efficient cost to extend reach into unduplicated audiences or it can by TV ad time sold on a bidding platform.  TV took on this term that originated over the digital platform to provide an automated approach to buying TV.  However the big questions in media still remain.  Is it really automated and how does it benefit the advertiser?


“Big Data” is another term that has been in the trades over the last few years and many advertisers think this is the answer to that big question.  With more advertisers embracing multiscreen, cross platform placement, the media mixes are becoming more complex and the need for Big Data has increased.  CEOs and CMOs of many companies are engaged and want to understand what is truly generating revenue and brand awareness for their products and services.  Here’s another term for our industry to entertain; “Definitive Media.”  The definition of definitive media is whatever the advertiser can absolutely with 100% certainty declare as the media that created the desired result.  No gray, 100% black and white proof of performance and ROI.


At CTV Media we do the research for you. Since we are independent of the cable systems and networks we represent, our information is provided to you objectively. CTV will easily and efficiently actualize your TV planning and ad placement.  We make complex data simple and complicated buy executions easy. We provide research, design plans, place and steward buys, supply vendors with traffic instructions and audit invoices


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