Millennials are Persuaded by Advertising on TV

October 20, 2016

“Turnt Up” For Television:
How TV Brands “Kill It” With Millennials


While much has been made about millennials’ evolving media consumption habits, it’s important to note that branded TV content, accessed across screens, remains at the center of their universe:


  • More Adults 18-34 watch TV now than at the start of the millennium
  • More millennials continue to watch video on TV, where the vast majority of video consumption takes place, than any other device
  • Millennials spend more time with TV brands online than with any other site across a wide variety of internet genres
  • During Any Given Minute, many more millennials are consuming TV content than are checking Facebook, listening to Pandora or watching videos on YouTube
  • TV brands offer a breadth of innovative, exciting and edgy ad-supported programming across genres which is unmatched by any other platform or entity
  • Millennial-focused TV programs deliver higher audiences and greater engagement than the most popular personality-driven YouTube channels
  • TV continually creates moments that transcend the viewing experience and generates enormous social buzz
  • Most importantly, TV advertising has constantly shown the ability to create real impact and drive revenues in millennial-driven categories
Source: VAB Report “Millennials Decoded: Turnt Up For TV” 2016


Now why does all of this matter? VAB claims that millennials’ commitment to TV brands demonstrates to marketers that TV is an effective advertising outlet. Effective advertising translates to sales. “Marketers need to refocus on the big picture,” said Danielle DeLauro, SVP of Strategic Sales Insights at the VAB. “Most importantly, millennials are persuaded by advertising on TV which is driving billion-dollar categories in mobile apps, gaming and fantasy sports.







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“Turnt Up” For Television: How TV Brands “Kill It” With Millennials

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