Most effective ad medium: Still TV Yes, there’s lots of hype over digital, but TV drives sales better

June 17, 2015



It seems a new study comes out every day about how TV dollars are moving to digital or how people are embracing digital or mobile video, at the expense of television.

It’s easy to forget TV is still getting the largest share of ad dollars and eyeballs.

And, argues a new study, that’s for good reason.

It remains the most effective ad format.

That’s according to a report from MarketShare, an analytics technology company, commissioned by Horizon Media and Turner Broadcasting.

The study examined thousands of advertising campaigns across different media from 2009 to 2014 and found TV was most effective at driving sales from advertising.

The study finds TV drove four times the sales lift as digital when comparing campaigns with similar spending levels.

Of particular interest to media people, who have witnessed the change in viewing patterns that’s occurred over the past few years as people migrate to digital and TV ratings fall, TV has not lost any of its efficiency since 2009.

“TV advertising has been equally impactful in 2012-2014 as it was in 2009-2011 — despite the explosion of digital media over that time,” the report says.

MarketShare examined ad spending by a luxury car manufacturer and found TV was the only medium that maintained its efficiency in that time.

Other online and offline media saw a double-digit percentage declines.

Further, the study found that the power of TV even extends to the websites of TV networks.  It found that ads on network sites  resulted in a higher return on investment when compared with ads on non-network video sites such as YouTube.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising a report in which one of the main backers is a cable powerhouse would find that TV is effective. As with any study, it’s important to consider the source.

But the case made for TV in the report is particularly interesting because of the timing.

Upfront discussions have begun between media buyers and the networks as they negotiate ad time for next season, but sources tell Media Life no deals have been made yet.

It’s possible this will be one of the most drawn-out upfronts in recent years because of the increasing power of digital and the dollars that may flow there rather than to broadcast and cable.

When a report like this comes out, it’s a reminder that TV’s still relevant, even when headlines suggest otherwise.



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Source: Media Life Magazine

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