Nielsen Says TV Still Leading Viewership

March 31, 2015

On Average 170 Hours are Spent Viewing TV Per Month of Which Only 14 Hours are Time-Shifted TV Viewing

 Video Viewing is on the Rise but Only Accounts for 1 Hour 12 Minutes

 14 Commercials Aired Per Hour Equating to 70 Ads Per Day on Network TV Programming

 Nielsen Reports that Second Screen Viewing is Not Fragmenting TV Viewing

41% Use Mobile or Tablet to Look Up Character Information

29% Use for Email and Text

18% are Reading Social Media Comments While Watching TV

 Nielsen’s Social Media Research Department Reports:

36 Million People Sent 990 Million Tweets About TV Last Year Alone

 Twitter’s TV Audience for an Episode is 50 Times Greater than the Number of Authors Creating Tweets, Found They Do Not Tweet During Commercials and 5.5 Million People Tweeted About Both Brands and TV from August to November

Source: Nielsen Advertising & Audiences Report May 2014

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