Study: Viewers Engage More With TV Ads Than Video Ads

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A new biometric survey shows that traditional TV commercials are four times more engaging than video advertising on Facebook.

Boston-based Innerscope Research used biometric monitoring, eye-tracking and traditional survey methods to measure the nonconscious and conscious reactions of 390 consumers ages 18 to 34. Participants were exposed to the same video advertisements across Facebook, TV and digital pre-roll on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Innerscope says the study was a “client commissioned” survey; it did not disclose the client. Biometric data is captured with technology to record fluctuations in heart rate, skin conductance and breathing patterns.

In addition, the survey says consumers have “higher visual attention” with final branding moments and brand logos on TV advertising — which Innerscope says probably is a result of larger screen sizes — than those viewed online as pre-roll for any device.

In keeping with results from biometric and eye tracking data, 47% of consumers said they immediately skip or ignore a video ad on Facebook before watching it.

Innerscope says 25% of consumers were more likely to say they would try or buy target brands after watching the ads on TV, compared to watching the ads on Facebook at 9%.

Innerscope says smaller screens are a big factor in lower video ad impact, where visual attention spent on branding moments, logos and taglines declined with screen size.

The best results with smaller screen video advertising come in the first moments of a digital video ad — with emotional engagement peaking in the first three to five seconds. Innerscope says for smaller screens, “bright, bold copy more effectively communicated messages in cross-device campaigns.”

Dr. Carl Marci, co-founder/chief science officer for Innerscope Research, stated: “Our studies continue to show that consumers bring different mindsets and expectations to various media platforms.”


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