Links Web Traffic to TV Ads

February 12, 2016

Target, Victoria’s Secret, Taco Bell, American Express, HTC, Geico. You’re bound to stumble upon any of these brands while tuning in to your favorite prime time TV programs. Each of these six brands represents one of the main categories recently studied by The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) to connect website traffic with TV ad spending.

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Programmatic TV Budgets To Rise From 4% To 17% By 2019

  The programmatic marketplace continues to expand and mature, according to a new programmatic advertising report from IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global. As initially reported by Advertising Age, Magna predicts that programmatic TV — which includes both audience-buying and household addressable — will represent 4% of TV budgets in 2015 before climbing to 17% by 2019.

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Suddenly, TV spending looks stronger

April 21, 2015

    Originally posted by Media Life Magazine Maybe the upfront won’t be quite as lackluster as buyers and analysts are forecasting. A 46 percent surge in scatter spending during March boosted TV ad spending in first quarter. If that demand continues, buyers may be more inclined to lock in pricing during the upfront, when most

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