TV is Still King

April 13, 2017

According to data from comScore, courtesy of its latest US Cross-Platform Future-in- Focus Report, analyzed and reported by the Marketing Charts staff, among households with both traditional TV and OTT, Traditional wins out.  OTT continues to act more as supplemental viewing than the main stage. In December 2016, for every hour these households spent watching

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TV Isn’t Dead

January 24, 2017

Digital is the bright, shiny object that has everyone standing up and paying attention. It’s new and fun and edgy. Digital is the equivalent of the cool kids’ lunch table; it’s where everyone wants to be. So it’s no surprise that advertisers are moving to digital at the expense of traditional channels. In fact, eMarketer’s

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The Addressable TV Tipping Point: Advertising Held Accountable

October 4, 2016

    Savvy marketers are once again reassessing their longtime partner, TV.  Advertisers appreciate that TV’s massive audience size and unrivaled engagement enable them to deliver ads successfully at scale on a national level. But they’ve also been frustrated by wasted impressions. The increasing fragmentation of TV viewership has made it more difficult for them

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DirecTV To Debut 3 Streaming TV Services

March 2, 2016

Looking to jump into the over-the-top (OTT) service industry — as well as keep pace with Dish Network’s Sling TV — AT&T says its satellite TV pay service, DirecTV, will be launching three different branded streaming TV services via a wired or wireless internet connection. With DirecTV Now, consumers can simply sign up for the

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More E-Commerce Brands Are Turning to Television Ads. Is It Money Well Spent?

Amazon, and online lender SoFi all announced their first Super Bowl ad buys last week, joining returning advertisers Esurance and website makers Wix and Squarespace. The moves shed light on an old industry debate: Is it smart to burn $5 million on a single TV spot instead of aggressively targeting Google and Bing users

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