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Cable TV Advertising

Television is changing.  What we watch, when we watch, how we watch.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is that people ARE watching.  TV truly is everywhere.  And that’s a huge opportunity to get in front of audiences on every screen.  Television and cable advertising innovations in planning, buying and tracking have allowed for more targeting and better reporting, so you get the broad reach of traditional TV, accuracy and accountability of a digital campaign, without any brand safety issues to worry about. Everyone likes peace of mind.

Reasons You Should Be Advertising on TV:


• Broad reach & brand safe

• More time is spent with TV than other media channels

• Targeting by demographic, geographic location & behavior

• Ability to buy on a national, regional and local scale

• Connect emotionally with consumers using sight, sound, motion and emotion

CTVnets: Unwired TV


CTVnets™ is CTV’s solution to providing an easy and effective way to extend your national or syndicated television campaign.  With one single point of contact, CTVnets™ allows you to place your message across 85% of TV households and 75% of cable households cross the United States.


Detailed research on systems and networks, a cost-effective campaign and a streamlined process make CTVnets™ a solution you can have confidence in.


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CTVE (OTT) combines the flexibility of digital with the premium content of television, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers.




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ClarityTV™ is the brain-child of CTV, developed as a means of measuring the effect of TV campaigns, giving you a transparent look into how your television campaign influences your business.



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Planning & Buying


Whether it’s traditional TV ads or digital video — we can adapt your goals to the right strategy and deploy the right tactics to make it happen.




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May 31, 2019

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