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Kevin’s glass is not only half full - the full half is at the top.  He is a skillful media planner who can not only find solutions inside and outside the box, but sometimes underneath the table on which the box sits.  At CTV, Kevin has planned and managed national and regional multi-media campaigns with outstanding results measured in the terms that generally matter most – sales.  He is adept at finding creative solutions to each situation.  Kevin helps clients take advantage of every opportunity available to help grow their business in the most cost-effective ways, developing advertising solutions to build brand awareness and increase sales.


Before coming to CTV, Kevin gained valuable experience in creating successful media and marketing strategies at Time Warner.  He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and an avid sportsman.  On weeknights when in town, you can usually find him playing in some volleyball, soccer or kickball league.  If by chance you run into Kevin at a pub with a ping pong table and he challenges you to a friendly match for a small wager, walk away.  And by all means when around Kevin, hide your pistachios.


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May 31, 2019

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