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CTVE: Over-the-top (OTT) Advertising / TV Everywhere

A Beginner's Guide

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The Way You Watch TV is CHANGING


  • Live Linear TV


  • Set Top Box VOD (in your living room)


  • TV Everywhere
    • Mobile
    • Laptop
    • Tablet


  • OTT :
    • Roku
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Chromecast
    • Apple TV
    • Xbox




The Video Ecosystem : How you access content


By 2021, there will be 114mm connected TV users in the US


74% of all HHs Still Subscribe to Cable, Satellite or TELCO
26% of All HHs Are considered cord cutters or cord nevers


Multi-Channel HHs

74% of all HH’s Subscribe to Cable, Satellite or Telco

(MVPD – Multi Video Program Distribution*)


12% of all HH’s are OTA HHs – Households that receive broadcast network signals using an antennae.  These HH’s also access OTT content through vMVPD’s

vMVPD-only HHs

3% of all HH’s subscribe to vMVPD’s Sling TV, Playstation Vue or DirecTV Now that deliver aggregated live, linear networks and on-demand content similar to traditional multi-channel offering for a monthly subscription


OTA -only HHs

11% of all HH’s are OTT-Only HHs which means Internet delivery using OTT devices such as Smart TV & Game Console ie: Netflix, YouTube


TV Everywhere/OTT Viewing by Device

TV Everywhere is authenticated viewing through MPVD app or network app on laptop, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or OTT device (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast).


Why A Multi-Screen Approach Matters


The Next Big Thing in Advertising is HERE


OTT/TVE viewing combines the power of digital advertising with the premium content of traditional television, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers to engage with both content and the advertiser’s message.





OTT allows marketers to reach viewers who are harder to find on traditional TV, including affluent millennials and cord cutters.  The median OTT viewer is 23 years younger than TV viewers, and their median household income is nearly $10k higher per year than traditional TV households.




Over one-third of OTT visits are over an hour long and viewers complete 98% of all premium video ads.




OTT campaigns produce a greater lift in brand awareness and favorability than desktop and mobile according to a recent Hulu study, demonstrating the engaged OTT viewing environment is more conducive to promoting brands than other digital channels.




Advertisers should not be concerned that OTT audiences overlap with people they’re reaching through linear buys. In reality, OTT has compensated for a large part of the primetime TV ratings decline, replacing traditional television for many viewers.  We found that viewers treat OTT devices just like traditional television – they watch a large amount of live streamed content and tune in mostly during the popular, primetime TV hours.  Therefore, marketers who only advertise through linear TV spots would miss out on these OTT audiences, who are watching the same content during the same time period, but on a different platform.






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May 31, 2019

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