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Media Planning & Buying

Generating a clear vision of the audiences you’re trying to reach is where we start. Achieving the balance between your audience, your values and the data is where we thrive.

At CTV, our media planning and buying services allow us to assemble and evaluate data to determine your specific media needs. Whether it’s traditional TV ads or digital video — we can adapt your goals to the right strategy and deploy the right tactics to make it happen.


Experiences that connect your brand with its right-fit customers have to be more than singular experiences. They are stones along a path that drive to deeper engagements and translate into recurring return on investment.  We know these experiences must compete within their media channels so we have a simple strategy to create efficient and effective media plans that will achieve these experiences.


Our strong relationships with the stations and networks allow us to expertly schedule and monitor your campaigns.  We collect and analyze data to evaluate your markets but we’re also looking outside those boundaries for additional potential markets to capitalize on.


CTV works to make the most of every campaign dollar by negotiated pricing and added value with vendors.  We pride ourselves on reaching the highest number of people in your target audience at the lowest cost to our clients.




CTVE (OTT) combines the flexibility of digital with the premium content of television, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers.




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ClarityTV™ is the brain-child of CTV, developed as a means of measuring the effect of TV campaigns, giving you a transparent look into how your television campaign influences your business.



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Cable TV Advertising


Cable TV is our foundation and we've been in the game since 1980.  Connect with consumers using sight, sound, motion and emotion.





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May 31, 2019

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