CTV OTT + Linear Addressable Case Study

Tourism Client:
Has multi–year success combining CTV/OTT with targeted Linear Addressable 

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The client historically utilized targeted multi-market linear cable. Client added CTV/OTT in 2016 as an early adaptor using multiple data sources from the CTVM library to identify consumers moving through their travel planning cycle.


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OTT Creative included Arrivalist pixel that provided Geo-Location intelligence for ad-served devices that  measured travel behavior to highlighted locations.


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2017 Addressable Linear was added to multi-market linear which resulted in increased website visits in targeted feeder markets using multiple 3rd party data sets anonymized to Set Top box proprietary insights. 2019 transitioned budget to linear addressable in response to the success of the testing. Budgets have increased YOY.


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Added Value: CTV Media secured a Brand Lift study by Experian. Results: Target vs Random Lift +57.71. Households w/ $175k+ in HHI produced the largest visitation rates.

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