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TV is Still King

According to data from comScore, courtesy of its latest US Cross-Platform Future-in- Focus Report, analyzed and reported by the Marketing Charts staff, among households with both traditional TV and OTT, Traditional wins out.  OTT continues to act more as supplemental viewing than the main stage. In December 2016, for every hour these households spent watching OTT, they spent almost 5 ½ hours with live TV.




Even the heaviest OTT viewers (the top 20% by duration watched) spent more than twice as much time with traditional TV (69% share) than with OTT video (31% share).




For the full year of 2016, the comScore data reveals that 84% of traditional TV viewing time was spent with live TV, says the report, with DVRs accounting for 14.9% and video-on-demand a nominal 1.1%.




Content recorded is more prevalent during primetime, with the DVR occupying almost one-quarter of viewing time for primetime TV. Even so, roughly three-quarters of primetime TV was watched live last year.


Some genres tend to be watched more live than others, says the report. News and sports are the most heavily consumed as they air, with 90% of this content watched live. Drama (71%) and reality shows (75%), by contrast, have lower shares of time spent with live TV. By far the most time-shifted content, however, is the thriller/horror show. An impressive 46% of this genre is time-shifted, with soap operas (34%) and action/adventure content (31%) also seeing a fairly high percentage of time-shifting.










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May 31, 2019

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