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TV Isn't Dead

Digital is the bright, shiny object that has everyone standing up and paying attention. It’s new and fun and edgy. Digital is the equivalent of the cool kids’ lunch table; it’s where everyone wants to be. So it’s no surprise that advertisers are moving to digital at the expense of traditional channels. In fact, eMarketer’s September 2016 ad spending forecast showed that digital will outpace TV ad spending for the first time ever – $72.09 billion to $71.29 billion. There are many reasons for the shift: greater efficiency, advanced targeting capabilities and, probably the most important, in-depth metrics that allow to you effectively optimize your campaign and increase your ROI. Therefore, in the era of digital, isn’t TV a dying breed? How effective can this medium that’s older than my mom really be? The answer may surprise you.


Television is changing. It’s no longer a box in your living room or bedroom, or, if you’re a Real Housewife or in Vegas at the Aria, in your bathroom (still weird). It’s content. And it’s available everywhere on every device you can think of. This is where the disconnect lies. A 2016 Nielsen report shows adults spend more than 39 hours a week with television and spend another 21 hours a week viewing video on their smartphone, tablet and PC. If we look at television as it truly is today, and from a device agnostic perspective, we can start to see why this medium is still vital to a successful marketing mix.


Not only does Multiplatform Television have a “measurable, long-term impact on driving incremental sales”, it also has a “significant halo effect” on digital channels like display, search and short-form video advertising in integrated campaigns, according to a 2016 Accenture study. In fact, it showed 18% of the ROI typically attributed by marketers from those three channels were driven by Multiplatform TV. If this wasn’t enough to show that digital is the biggest beneficiary from a quality television campaign, the Advertising Research Foundation found that while advertising on more platforms equaled higher ROI, combining TV and Digital had a 60% greater ROI for brands.


Digital is alive and well. And, surprising to many, so is TV. And marketers need a partner that can help them navigate both, because at the end of the day, digital plus TV drive the best results. At CTV, we can help bring your message to television viewers on every screen. Our proprietary database (CableBase) of cable zones and interconnects also captures TV Everywhere data and rates that make planning and executing your campaign easy. And with our advanced metrics program, ClarityTV, we can show you how it makes an impact on your business’ website. Plus, you’ll be able to see which creative, networks and dayparts are most effective so you can optimize your campaign and boost your ROI. For more information on how we can help you achieve your goals, contact us.






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May 31, 2019

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