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Study Links Web Traffic to TV Ads

Target, Victoria’s Secret, Taco Bell, American Express, Geico.   You’re bound to stumble upon any of these brands while tuning in to your favorite prime time TV programs.   Each of these brands represents one of the six main categories recently studied by The Video Advertising Bureau (the VAB) to connect website traffic with TV ad spending.


The TV-Traffic Correlation for Call-To Action Brands Study

The VAB compared website traffic to television ads for 125 brands that had 100,000+ unique site visitors per month.  These brands included restaurants, insurance, retail, travel, financial and mobile app companies.  These call-to-action brands, when combined, represent more than $30 billion in annual TV advertising.


82 percent of the brands showed a direct correlation between web traffic and TV ad spending.   Sean Cunningham, President & CEO of the VAB, explains this by saying that “TV is the great activator in Internet commerce.” Consumers watch the commercial and turn to the web. As the Internet becomes the modern storefront, generating website traffic takes on a higher priority in marketing.


The Numbers

82% of these brands showed a correlation between TV ad spending and website traffic.  Of the 85 brands with visitor increases, 87% had upped their TV spending.  On average, they increased spending by 22% and saw 24% increases in unique visitors.  Of the 40 brands with visitor decreases, 70% had lowered TV spending – an average of 10% less TV spending with a concurrent 9% decrease in visitors. Either way, there’s a predominant and consistent pattern among website traffic and TV advertising.


Our Findings



The VAB also explored website traffic and TV spending on a category level. Restaurants and travel brands showed the weakest positive correlation, while telecom and mobile apps showed the strongest. Consider the percentages among the six main categories:


  • 72% of travel brands
  • 76% of restaurants
  • 82% of retail stores
  • 85% of insurance companies
  • 86% of financial institutions
  • 100% of telecom and mobile apps




Study 2



Full Report



In Conclusion

The temptation has been to think it’s necessary to find an Internet starting point, and completely reorient marketing, to succeed in the digital world. The data leads to a more reassuring conclusion for marketers. The ignition point is something they are intimately familiar with – TV advertising.


This report adds to a mounting body of sophisticated evidence pointing to one conclusion: TV advertising is the primary driver of sales traffic


You can download the complete report HERE




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