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Why YOU Should be Advertising



With all the buzz about digital, you may find yourself asking, “why do I need to advertise on TV?”


For starters, television offers any business the opportunity to be seen and heard by utilizing sight, sound, and motion to plant ideas and emotions. No other form of advertising has the ability to reach 99% of all homes and the ability to target a specific demographic of people based on their viewing habits.  That’s a lot of potential customers.  Here are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a television campaign:


Television is Changing.


TV is no longer a box in your living room or bedroom. It’s content. And it’s available everywhere on every device.  A 2016 Nielsen report shows adults spend more than 39 hours a week with television and spend another 21 hours a week viewing video on their smart phone, tablet and PC. If we look at television as it is today, and from a device agnostic perspective, we can start to why making the mix of linear and digital video to reach a mass schedule is still vital.


Not only does Multi-Platform Television have a “measurable, long-term impact on driving incremental sales”, it also has a “significant halo effect” on digital channels like display, search and short-form video advertising in integrated campaigns, according to a 2016 Accenture study. In fact, it showed 18% of the ROI typically attributed by marketers from those three channels were driven by Multi-platform TV. If this wasn’t enough to show that digital is the biggest beneficiary from a quality television campaign, the Advertising Research Foundation found that while advertising on more platforms equaled higher ROI, combining TV and Digital had a 60% greater ROI for brands.


Linear TV Grows Your Brand.



Several recent reports confirm that nothing is more effective than television, in both short and long term strategies, and warn marketers against shifting money away from traditional medias.


  • TV creates the highest volume of short to medium-term sales.   It drives more media-driven sales than any other communication channel
  • TV advertising drives the highest volume of cost-efficient response:  because of its reach and scale, TV advertising keeps generating a cost-efficient level of response at higher levels of spend than other media.
  • TV advertising dominates longer-term response.  Half of all media driven response comes 3-24 months’ post campaign and TV is responsible for 52% of the impact that media has in the longer-term.


You Have Options.


The common line of thinking with TV buying is that to reach an audience at scale, marketers must buy on top tier networks, the most popular programming and must pay premium rates to do so.  While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this line of thinking; hitting a wide audience means that you are hitting your target audience within a larger viewership.  But is that efficient ad buying?


The strategies for building campaigns has become incredibly complex. Technology has provided opportunities far beyond the standard demographics such as gender, age, and ethnicity.  Social behaviors have provided specific psychographics such as attitudes, interests, and ways in which to engage with your consumer.  There is the option to approach the market programmatically or with addressability.  Plans can extend far past television and into various multi-media outlets:

  • TV Everywhere (TVE)
  • Online Video
  • Video On Demand
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Target Devices (Laptops, Tablets and Phones)



Need help launching a television campaign?  CTV is a media expert, with knowledge on all TV and video platforms.  We act as an extension of your media department and are well versed in the ways to get your brand maximum exposure.  You will get the best possible rates and help navigating the complex world of TV advertising.  From research, analytics and planning software to CTV’s library of historical rates, we are able to support you every step of the way.


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