Abi Levi

National Media Director

Abi’s motto in the office is “don’t worry, I’ll figure it out” and somehow, she always does. Her charm and charisma make her the life of the party but her ability to manage millions of dollars of media placements each year for the past 15 years show that she’s not playing around when it comes to her job. If there’s a TV network that accepts advertising, chances are Abi knows of it and already has rates on hand. Her ability to squeeze more out of every advertising dollar means additional units, BBs and delivery guarantees for our clients. Abi’s expertise in identifying areas of opportunity in performance TV data result in successful campaigns with increased spend with each renewed buy. Abi never backs down from a challenge, whether it’s a friendly office bet or pulling an all-nighter to launch a campaign. Her determination and work ethic are unmatched, yet she still finds time to play pranks on her co-workers, like when she purposely set off the office alarm or when she put a rubber band on the sink sprayer.

As a mother of three, Abi doesn’t have much downtime. When not at work, you can usually find her doing home projects or hosting gatherings for her friends and family. She also enjoys crafting, karaoke, kayaking and having fun with her family.