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CTV / OTT Advertising


CTV Connect delivers every piece of the streaming puzzle:
audience, views, reach, transparency, and insights. Our audience forecaster used during planning allows advertisers to understand the size and impact prior to launch. Whether doing a branding campaign and want to show the unique reach and overlap of your traditional TV, or response driven campaign with website conversion, we have data and insights.

AVG Campaign Delivery
Audience Segments

Audience Forecaster

Know your estimated unique HH reach and frequency prior to launch

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to analyze the entire programmatic bid stream which fuels a lower CPM

CTV / OTT Advertising

TV+CTV Overlap

Report the unique HH reach of linear TV and CTV/OTT as well as the overlap

Website Conversion

Optimize in flight based on website conversion by publisher, creative, day of week and/or daypart.

CTV Connect reporting extends beyond OTT to linear insights.

Understand the unique reach and overlap of your linear TV + CTV campaign.

What makes CTV Media different than all the other OTT vendors?

  • AI is used to analyze the entire bid stream for a more competitive CPM directly from the publisher
  • Premium publishers white listed to match your specifications
  • Customized proposals for EVERY campaign
  • Dedicated Campaign Managers
  • Every publisher is fingerprinted to prevent fraud
  • Robust HH graph which allows us to report unique HH reach and connect the dots on website conversion
  • In flight optimization based on website conversion
  • AUDIENCE: Reach the greatest number of viewers in your target audience regardless of device, network or subscription.
  • DATA: CTV has 1000s of 3rd party data segments in our library.

Ad Personalization

Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in the right locations, on the right channel.

OTT Advertising

So many options vs. one-size-fits-all generic marketing

• Generate strategy
• Set audience segments
• Recommend creative
• Finalize ad templates

• Generate video, display or GIF ad units
• Unlimited number of ads
• Auto-conform to ad spec
• Rendered in a fraction of a second

• Upload and deploy to ad server
• Optimize ads and tracking in real time with AI / machine learning
• Garner highest engagement and activation