CTV/OTT - DTC Case Study

Advertiser Objectives

Create brand awareness and drive sales to the local high end department store.

          Advertiser:       Skincare Product

          Market:           10 mile radius around store locations

          Media Types:   CTV / OTT

Our Solution

Use CTV/OTT to precisely target the geography around department store locations and reach customers interested in skincare products.

  1. QR code technology from Flowcode was used for customers to get more information
  2. The audience forecaster tool optimized household ad exposure and targeted households local to the retail locations

The Results

Using real-time optimization capabilities on CTV/OTT, identified higher performing areas. Increased budget and impressions were directed to those areas which drove increased sales. The campaign generated over 10MM impressions across premium publishers such as Fox, AMC, HGTV, FX, ESPN and more.

  • The QR code drove a 96% video completion rate and a 4% click through rates, nearly 400% higher than the average CTR on Facebook.
  • Increased impressions on higher performing markets drove 3.4x sales than other markets

The QR code-enabled creative turned the CTV campaign into a full-funnel marketing tool, bridging the TV and mobile gap, driving brand awareness and direct response sales in a premium environment.