Hyper-Targeted Linear Case Study

Advertiser Objectives

This Fortune 100 company was looking to increase brand awareness with financial market watchers and C Suite executives across multiple markets with a limited budget.



          Advertiser:      Fortune 100

          Category:        Health/Wellness

          Market:           Top 31 DMAs

          Media Types:  Local Broadcast and Cable

Our Solution

This campaign used targeted geography and programming to reach this target audience.

  1. Local cable zones were identified with zip codes that had a high concentration of C-Suite executives and market watchers.
  2. Thoughtful programs and networks were selected based on Simmons data identifying a high concentrated audience for of C suite executive and market watchers.

The limited budget meant we had to minimize waste. The zoned cable accomplished that in reaching these executives where they live.

The Results

In the 4 years following launch, the branding campaign proved to have a direct impact on the company’s overall financial health and evolved from local market messaging to a national presence with an eight figure budget.