While you know all the studies that prove TV still reigns supreme in reaching audiences, as marketers, you need something tangible.  Something that gives you direction on how to best engage with consumers.  Justification that a TV investment is a smart one.  Say hello to ClarityTV™.


ClarityTV™ is the brain-child of CTV, developed as a means of measuring the effect of  TV campaigns. Through website visits, IP tracking and statistical analysis,  we can measure your target audiences engagement, allowing you to identify which networks, programs, creatives and day-parts are driving potential customers to your site.


We're giving you a transparent look into how your television campaign influences your business.  Combining automation and human analysis,  ClarityTV™ and CTV Media Analysts can optimize your campaign in-flight, generating greater results and a higher ROI.  We're making big data simple (and your life easier).

September 6, 2018

ClarityTV™ allows you to identify which networks, programs, creatives and dayparts are driving potential consumers to your site, enabling media to be optimized within flight to generate the lowest cost per visitor.


Quick Facts About ClarityTV


  • TV campaigns optimized by 25%+


  • TV efficiency improvements between 20-80%


  • Reduced cost per response by 25%


  • Regional attribution down to the DMA level


  • Not dependent on ratings


  • Optimization in–flight increases ROI



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september 7, 2018

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