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Spot Cable

Spot cable refers to cable advertising in local markets or other geographic areas as specified by you and/or your ad agency. With spot cable advertising, marketers can pick and choose from various cable networks and from different geographic areas covered by the cable system.



  • Network cable refers to buying commercial time directly from a cable network to reach their entire national audience.


  • Spot Cable refers to buying commercial time through a MVPD(s) to reach a specific market(s) or geographic area(s).

Benefits of Spot Cable:


  • Allows you to strengthen your brand in the markets most important to you.


  • Provides efficient media buying – spot cable allows you to reach your core audience without paying for wasted coverage.


  • Allows you to reach potential customers that share similar interests.


  • Provides you with the opportunity to marry your message with top-rated network and programming brands for increased awareness and credibility.



CTVE (OTT) combines the flexibility of digital with the premium content of television, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers.





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Cable TV Advertising


Cable TV is our foundation and we've been in the game since 1980.  Connect with consumers using sight, sound, motion and emotion.






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Planning & Buying


Whether it’s traditional TV ads or digital video — we can adapt your goals to the right strategy and deploy the right tactics to make it happen.





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