Fall Primetime Broadcast Program Grids

There are plenty of new programs airing this fall including a few scripted shows on NBC. However, fan favorites such as Abbott Elementary, NCIS & Saturday Night Live will air as encores. Since repeat episodes lead to lower viewing levels, it will be imperative to have a team of experts leading your media strategy. CTV Media is loaded with a knowledgeable staff and data to intelligently execute your cross-screen campaign. A few highlights include:

  • CTV Media’s experienced planning team looks at previous viewing levels to accurately estimate impression delivery during periods of repeat episodes. Station viewing estimates are often dramatically overstated making 1 station look more efficient than another. CTV’s planners adjust for these inconsistencies to develop a well-rounded campaign, while holding the overstated station to their overstated numbers. This often results in 20% bonus weight to our advertisers.
  • Buys are placed with local reps in all markets. This results in access to lower rates, sponsorships, bonus weight and improved stewardship.
  • Weekly impression delivery pacing is a normal practice for full DMA buys. This ensures tracking of unit clearance as well as ensure all ordered IMPs air within your scheduled flight dates.
  • Nielsen ratings in all 210 markets. This is a must as more markets have a mix of Comscore & Nielsen rated stations.

It’s likely that the fall will bring a continued shift to viewing on streaming platforms. Streaming registers 37.7% share of total TV viewing, while traditional TV holds majority share at 51.4%  (Nielsen Guage report June 2023). No video campaign is complete without CTV/OTT. A few highlights of CTV’s CTV/OTT campaigns include:

  • Advertisers are granted access to premium streaming platforms, many of which don’t require a minimum spend: Hulu, Peacock, Disney+, Max / Discovery+, Paramount+.
  • Majority of campaigns average a $25 or less CPM for full episode, non-skippable, full screen content.
  • Our dynamic CPM means we pass any programmatic cost savings back to the advertiser with additional impressions, resulting in increased delivery that averages 122%.
  • Campaigns tailored to the advertiser’s customized geography and TV network/publisher list.
  • Audience targeting using 1st or 3rd party data.
  • In-flight optimization based on website conversion.

CTV Media executes TV and CTV/OTT campaigns nationally and in all 210 US markets. Whether you have a 2 market or a $200M national campaign, let’s discuss how CTV’s expertise can power your success.