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So what, exactly, is Connected TV?


Connected TV (CTV) is simply a television that connects to the internet;  Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, devices like Tivo and Roku and gaming consoles like XBox and PlayStation.  Chances are, you probably already own one or more of these devices which is one of the reasons CTV is so appealing for advertisers; it already has incredible market permeation.


Ok, now what is OTT?


OTT stands for "over the top" and refers to video content that is served over the traditional closed television system. Users don’t need to subscribe to a TV cable company to watch video content as most content is served via the internet.


Connected TV is a conduit for OTT video content.  CTV devices serve as a hub to connect to OTT services  to watch over the top television.


The TV landscape is continuously evolving and growing and CTV Media is proud to evolve right along with it.  To find out how CTV Media can help you take advantage of the OTT combined with linear TV, contact us today!


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CTVE (OTT) combines the flexibility of digital with the premium content of television, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers.





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Cable TV Advertising


Cable TV is our foundation and we've been in the game since 1980.  Connect with consumers using sight, sound, motion and emotion.






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Planning & Buying


Whether it’s traditional TV ads or digital video — we can adapt your goals to the right strategy and deploy the right tactics to make it happen.





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May 31, 2019

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