IAB 2023 Outlook – Cross-Platform Measurement

The iab 2023 Outlook Survey is full of stats and predictions for 2023. One topic I found interesting is that #crossplatform measurement ranks number 1 for level of focus in 2023. There are several #adtechnology partners that deduplicate impressions and or track sales conversion. This data is essential to understand the consumer journey and how your audience is consuming video.

Some media budgets don’t afford the expense of adding AdTech to the campaign. However, most #ctvadvertising campaigns have access to ACR (smart TV) data at no cost. Understanding the unique reach and overlap for linear TV and CTV supports the use of both tactics. ACR linear data reports the unique reach for each station or network. What if the station with the largest budget ranked 4th in unique reach? When planning a linear TV campaign with Nielsen or Comscore ratings we’re using a formula to calculate reach and frequency. The ACR data provides the actual HH reach and frequency.

Advertisers pushing viewers to a website have access to additional insights that allow campaigns to be optimized in flight. Website response and sales are linked to linear TV and CTV/OTT exposure. Most campaigns achieve the highest conversion from audiences that saw the commercial on linear TV & CTV/OTT. Website conversion data by network, daypart, creative and frequency provide a roadmap for in-flight changes and future campaigns.

There are valuable cross platform insights to gain whether using one of the AdTech giants or ACR data